Join Our fight For Elyria Families.

Here's What This Fight is all about

Together, we have the power to shape the future that we envision for our seniors, children, neighbors, and families. People all across the 5th Ward and this city of Elyria work hard. They aren't looking for a special deal or a short cut. They just want a fair shake, a level playing field so they have a chance to succeed.

To ensure that our community gets the change it deserves, I need your help. The hard truth is, at the end of the day, my one voice - and my one vote – are not enough. Not by themselves. We need many strong voices, standing together for the future that we all believe awaits our neighborhoods, if only we summon the courage and determination to fight for it.
Will you give me your support, and lend your voice to our cause, to help fight for our seniors, children, neighbors, and families? Councilman Madison, thanks you in advance for being a part of this, he looks forward to taking this petition to Eyria City Council in the next couple of weeks to encourage his colleagues on Council to support infrastructure projects and initiatives to move the 5th Ward forward. 

Join our movement for accountability and progress by signing our petition to work together to create good paying jobs and opportunities for residents throughout the 5th Ward and our city.

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