Transformative Change Begins With You!

You don't need a ticket, just get on board.

Together, we have the power to transform and shape the future that we envision for our seniors, children, neighbors, friends, and families. The 5th Ward community is faced with a difficult task, becoming more difficult as each day passes. But the 5th Ward is comprised of a lot of people who routinely face difficult situations and learn to overcome them. In addition, the 5th Ward has a proud history and long line of servant leaders who have worked tirelessly to help improve their community. We often talk in terms of failure and success, but first we must speak in terms of spirit and effort and pride!

To ensure that our community gets the change it deserves, I need your help. The hard truth is, at the end of the day, my one voice - and my one vote – are not enough. Not by themselves. We need many strong voices, standing together for the future that we all believe awaits our neighborhoods, if only we summon the courage and determination to fight for it.

We can't just hold on and stay as we are, nor can we turn back the clock to be where we were! We must work together to move forward, to progress! If we are willing to work together and move in the direction that is proposed, then we have the opportunity to build something very special. We have all the tools and resources we need to begin. The only question is, are we as a community and as committed individuals willing to step up and play our part. We do this for the urgency of now and for those who will come after!

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