Change Begins With You

A chance to build .

Yesterday I arrived in New York City, and I wanted you to know: I'm here because i'm committed to keep fighting every day to make sure working families have a voice in our political process. Yesterday evening I joined members of Local Progress, activist and community leaders to demand justice for Garner and an end to discriminatory policing.

I know our success as a community will be measured not by benefits to the few, but by the success of many. That's why I'm excited to serve my neighborhood on Elyria City Council, and fight for progressive policies. Policies like the Complete Streets Resolution that I proposed and Elyria City Council passed to encourage the creation of convenient, comfortable, safe and attractive streets.

We have a lot of work to do in Elyria and across this great country. Today, I meet with Mayor Bill De Blasio and progressive leaders to discuss how to build progressive cities across this country and fight for economic justice at home.

Over the next couple of months, we have a chance to build meaningful pathways of opportunity for individuals to get involved in building better communities. So let's work together. I'm ready and dedicated to setting the agenda for progress.