Big Announcement

2016untitled.jpgTogether, we have the power to shape the future that we envision for our seniors, children, neighbors, and families. Since my last election, and after a year of careful study with residents, service organizations, local and national experts, and my community building team, we are prepared to propose a bold set of local initiatives. These initiatives and programs will expand the reach of community organizations and support the growth of local businesses.

As 5th Ward Councilman, I have further called for the creation of the 5th Ward Collaborative Advisory Council and the Jobs Opportunity Task Force.

This Advisory Council and task force will be charged with the responsibility of working directly with the City of Elyria and myself to tackle the pressing issues facing the 5th Ward, and will help build a vibrant community where an increasing number of families choose to live. Here, children will find educational opportunity, neighbors will live safely in the absence of abandoned blight, and businesses will make new investments to secure the latest generation of jobs for our residents.Let me share with you some of the positive actions the 5th Ward Collaborative have already taken:

  • We've created the 5th Ward Collaborative network of service organizations, a group committed to developing a strategy for fostering a dynamic civic culture and an environment of community engagement.

  • We've also launched to highlight the positive work already taking place on behalf of the city, local businesses, and service organizations. In addition, the site includes a volunteer page to partner community organizations with local projects, and a community calendar to advertise public events.

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