Elyria has been among the cities hardest hit by the housing crisis. Councilman Madison has fought for policies to address the housing crisis, keep families in their homes, and address high rental property and abandoned homes. He has also played a lead role in helping to stabilize the community by advocating for funding to buy vacant foreclosed properties that can become a magnet for crime and vandalism in the 5th Ward. Click here to report issues like vacant or abandoned homes, illegal dumping, or overgrown weeds.

This program is made possible by the federal Community Development Block Grant Program. A grant of up to $10,000 is available per single family owner-occupied home to assist with specific home repairs or activities that eliminate conditions detrimental to the safety and health of the residents. If required, a $300 contingency allowance in the form of a grant can be made available. For more information, contact the Office of Community Development at 440-326-1541. Click here for more information. 

Click here to explore information and links to learn what options you may have to avoid foreclosure. You may also contact a housing counseling agency directly to begin working with a trained professional who can help you understand your options for keeping or exiting your home.If you are a renter facing eviction because your landlord is in foreclosure, click here for important information.

Maintaining the health, welfare, and safety of Citizens of the City of Elyria is the main goal of the Certificate of Rental Registration Program. As apartment Owner/Manager, you have a duty and responsibility to make certain that the quality of life of your tenants conforms to the standards of all City and State codes. By providing clean & safe dwelling units, you can assist us in the stride of rebuilding and maintaining our neighborhoods. Click here to download the Rental Unit Registration Form.

The Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program, is a free, voluntary program available to all HCV (Section 8) and Public Housing residents wishing to achieve self-sufficiency. Participants in the Family Self-Sufficiency Program work with the FSS Coordinators to develop individualized, attainable, and measurable goals leading towards suitable employment and self-sufficiency. All participants sign a five-year contract and an individual goal plan. Individual goal plans are available for any household member 18 years old or older. There is also a cash incentive to encourage participants to succeed in meeting their goals! Click here for more information.

The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP), funded by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), assists very low-income families (one or more persons) to rent safe, decent, and affordable housing owned by private owners in the Lorain County jurisdiction. Qualifying families are responsible for finding their own housing and paying a portion of their income towards rent. Click here for more information. 

The Lake Erie Landlord Association, LELA, (founded in 1988), is a non-profit, educational organization providing a means for exchanging land-lording and real estate information. The Association strives to educate, inform, share ideas and improve the status, as well as the financial well being of all housing providers. Click here for more information. 

It is the continuing policy of the City of Elyria to do all things necessary and proper to secure for all its citizens their right to equal housing opportunities regardless of their race, color, creed, sex, familial status, religious belief, national origin or disability. If you believe you have experienced illegal housing discrimination or harassment, you can explore filing a complaint with The Office of Community Development Fair Housing at 440-326-1541, 440-326-1540 or by emailing ascott@cityofelyria.org. Click here to read more about your rights.