Main Street Elyria

Broad_west_of_Washington_in_downtown_Elyria.jpgBeautiful historic Downtown Elyria is nestled between two branches of the Black River and features two extraordinary parks, Ely Square and the Twin Falls Riverwalk. Downtown Elyria has what other community’s desire, a true town square complete with a historic Civil War statue and cannon, a Veterans Memorial and quaint community gazebo. The Downtown Commercial District boosts of independently owned businesses, retailers and restaurants that are unique in providing a small town atmosphere for the ultimate shopping and dining experience. Whether you are looking for a hardware store, chocolates or a good steak dinner, you can find it in Downtown Elyria.

Visit Downtown and support locally owned businesses. Shopping local businesses creates more local jobs than shopping at major chain or on-line companies. Local businesses not only pay their employees, they also spend money at other local businesses. That means more local jobs for delivery people, sales associates, accountants, cooks, marketing specialists, printers, painters, plumbers, even window washers. By buying local, you help create more jobs for your friends and neighbors.

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