Middle Avenue Construction Update

Crews worked this past Saturday to try and get ahead before school starts. Curb ramps and concrete flat work will continue to progress. Tentatively, the final asphalt course is planned for the week of August 10th. After the asphalt paving is complete, work on the enhanced crosswalks will begin.The crosswalk construction will require roadway closures. More information will be provided regarding each closure, but for your information, the first two crosswalks to be constructed will be at 5th Street and 6th Street.  The contractor will push to get this work completed before the start of school, but the schedule is very tight.
Again, more information will be provided in the near future. Please remember, this area is a CONSTRUCTION ZONE~ SLOW DOWN!!  Delays should be expected. Awareness of the construction and consideration for the work zone will help make this a safe and successful project.

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