Our First Goal

Goalhorizontal2014.jpgI am asking you to join with me now, at the very beginning. Since I announced my candidacy for state representative, over 55 supporters have taken the pledge to volunteer, and have donated over $2,000 to help us win this race.  This is a great start; however, I am setting a new goal to match those pledges, and raise another $2,000 in January, to ensure sure we begin this race with as much momentum as possible.

If you believe in my leadership, and share my passion for building better neighborhoods and an economy that works for all, please consider joining with my team in this important mission. You can help by pledging to contribute $10, $25 or whatever you can best afford.

As a member of Elyria City Council, I have spent the last four years listening, learning, and working to provide fresh ideas and new perspectives.  In doing so, we have confronted many of the challenges facing our community and continue to move forward with purpose. Public service has always been more than a job to me - it is a personal responsibility that I am deeply honored to have been entrusted with. With the help from supporters like you we will win this election!