Support Complete Streets in Elyria


This Complete Streets resolution encourages Elyria to consider infrastructure as a way to create more walkable, bikeable places. The adoption of the Complete Streets resolution will spur positive investment in Elyria’s future by providing opportunities for children and families to be physically active in a safe environment, and by creating vibrant places where the best and brightest want to live and businesses want to locate.

  • Complete Streets improve safety and reduce crashes by providing pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, such as safe crossings, sidewalks, or on-road bicycle lanes.
  • Complete Streets promote public health by making it safe and convenient for children and families to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives as a way to combat the obesity epidemic, which is rampant in Elyria. 

Clearly, supporting Complete Streets is investing in a stronger and healthier Elyria. Adding your name to our list of supporters will help us show how many people are interested in Complete Streets in Elyria.

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